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Beautiful large spaces, refined by their owners. We offer houses from the Kalisz market and surrounding area. Brokerage and financial support.

Home is a dream goal and at the same time an investment of life. The capital invested in the house must be responsibly secured. Our company International Real Estate Agency Location is responsible for safety when buying and selling a house. The material that we present on our pages are a real reflection of the situation that is happening on the real estate market. October 2019 shows an increase in interest in buying a home. We urge you to cooperate and show the benefits of real estate services.

How to buy a home safely?

This article will introduce real estate brokerage services . We will present why it pays to use the help of a professional agency. Recently, construction of a single-family house has become popular. In essence, this means buying a newly built house from the developer.
How does it start?
Everything I present is experienced by typical real estate market circumstances . Many of our clients tried to build the house in their own way, but they came to our office asking for help. Why?

Unfortunately, a larger group of customers belongs to the group that supports the construction of the house so. in stages, from the foundations to the windows. For this type of project, you usually need several construction teams associated with the various stages of building a house. We know from experience that this works, unfortunately, adversely for the owner of the property for many reasons. Customers call us to solve the problem because the Real Estate Agency has the most experience in this direction. However, we can't do much then ...

By employing several teams for individual stages, performers are multiplying, which is already worrying about the quality of finishing each stage. The costs are never well balanced and the budget melts when building a house. It is therefore not known how to balance the construction of a house . The biggest problem for an inexperienced construction owner is the lack of a specific contract, what the real estate agent will take care of .

So referring. If you want to buy a house or are thinking about building a house, please contact us. We offer cooperation with experienced contractors of single-family homes. Brokerage is based on a cooperation agreement that we sign in our office. We will discuss the conditions in advance. The rest is one contact phone for the agent who will control the process of building, deadlines and selling the house . The delivery time of a completed construction project is from 7 to 12 months.

Okres ten zróżnicowany jest, ponieważ zależny bywa od od kilku możliwych czynników przewidzianych w okolicznościach, które zdarzają się przy pracy. W wielu kwestiach pośrednictwo sprzedaży nieruchomości okazuje się najlepszym rozwiązaniem przy zakupie i budowie domu. Przez cały okres całkowita informacja opiera się o jeden numer telefonu, pod którym klient otrzymuje informacje. Przy zakupie domu obowiązuje umowa deweloperska, którą spisuje się w biurze nieruchomości.

The location offers sale of single-family houses , ready for occupation as early as next 2020. We are conducting talks for the construction of a development project on the client's plot. We strive to meet the expectations of demand on the real estate market. If you want to talk about this topic, call the number on the page.

The article below is devoted to the topic " development house projects in Kalisz and the surrounding area ". The presented houses are in the implementation phase, or ready to buy in the developer state. Real Estate "Location" would like to bring our clients projects from developers in our region. The site features only a few of the current project implementations for semi-detached houses and a detached house. How to buy a house from the developer? Call 511-440-858 !

Designs of one-story houses

This home model is very popular with real estate clients. One-story houses with a garage. Comfortable, spacious single-family houses with a garage stand, connected by an internal entrance.

Nowe Skalmierzyce, Mączniki

  • plot 796 m2
  • house 121 m2
  • media: water, electricity, gas

430 000 pl

The plot is located on a large newly emerging estate near the city border of Kalisz.

  • plot 796 m2
  • house 121 m2
  • media: water, elekticity, gas

430 000 pl

Build elevation
Ground floor plan
Look on the progress of construction

Kalisz, Piwonice

  • plot 611 m2
  • house 152 m2
  • media: water, elekticity, gas

430 000 pl

This article will not completely give away the possibilities of a developer from the detached houses and semi-detached houses segment on the Kalisz real estate market. The contractor's offer includes a wide range of ready-made solutions, as well as house designs to be implemented. Real estate office The location has long cooperated with developers and ensures that brokering the construction of a house is a very smart solution in the "buying a house" series. We need to know what project interses us.

The following photos show some interesting projects of the developer with whom we have the pleasure to work for many years. The difference lies in the shape of the building, the possibilities of using the house, i.e. using the attic, etc. Each block of the house presents a slightly different style. These changes may cost less or more depending on your requirements. The house in the first photo, you can buy from the developer for 430 thousand. zł. Another one is expanded to include an attic and certainly meters increase prices, but talking to us can lead the client to interesting solutions.

The process of buying a home from a developer requires concentration. Of course, I mention that it can be organized on your own, but you quickly verify the value of the time spent organizing all formalities. So how do you buy a house from a developer? Real estate broker from the very beginning will suggest a good project, good financial solution and ensure that everything goes according to the law, plan and deadlines. Read on ...

Home purchase loan

Mediating the purchase of a house, we often suggest to our clients how to obtain finance for a dream house. So, how to organize a home purchase loan and finishing, we also suggest. It is not uncommon for a real estate agent to arrange an initial credit conversation for buying a home on the same day. Such conversation takes literally a few minutes and people are starting to believe in their abilities and buying a home.

Modern design of a semi-detached house. A spacious, one-storey house is available for sale. Single-family semi-detached residential building - segment "A".

  • plot 236 m2
  • house 152 m2
  • water, elekticity, gas
Ground floor plan
Floor plan

420 000 pl

Mediation in the sale of single-family houses from the developer 2019

Most of the construction projects presented on our site are projects to be built on the client's plot. This means that our real estate agency can mediate in the construction of the house, can find plot for construction. There will also be projects ready to move in. The material will present developers' solutions in the Kalisz poviat. Single-family house projects for 2019 . You can build a house yourself, but you really need some good skills. Mediation in the purchase of a single-family house is a solution that facilitates the purchase of a house from a developer, because it is a multi-stage work. Of course, the developer builds a house, but the real estate agent ensures that the transaction is carried out safely. Often, from the purchase of an appropriate plot, through the sale of a house from a contractor, to the signing of a deed with a notary public.

Use a real estate agency to broker a house!

The possibility of having a broker on hand when buying a house from a developer can be very useful. The developer often does not have time to make inquiries to the buyer. Those interested often change their plans regarding the building's structures. At various stages of construction, contact with the contractor may be difficult, but with a good real estate agent almost never. The developer of developer houses is meeting a growing number of clients interested in building a house. Finished, enclosed houses are already inhabited. House designs in development state are for discussion with the contractor. Just come to our office at 9 Zamkowa St. in Kalisz and you can discuss all options with the developer. Remember, however, that good developers have their hands full. We are waiting for your call

How to sell a house safely

Selling a home involves organizing several activities. You need to organize documents for the home buyer . Documentation of the property sold is collected at the request of a notary public before which the house purchase act will be completed. The data needed may vary depending on the property. The notary public chooses the buyer, unless he wishes otherwise. The broker may choose a notary public if he so desires. We strive to meet the expectations of demand on the real estate market. If you want to talk about this topic, call the number on the page you are reading. If you want to sell a house, want to cooperate for a longer period, you can't get better. We do not include other agencies here, but we know our value. We know how effective we are when moving real estate on the regional and foreign market. Houses for sale 2019. Projects in a closed developer state . I invite you to talk.